About Go Ask Tara

Welcome! Go Ask Tara is here for you. To answer your questions, to connect you to healthcare, and to cheer you on as you make choices to be healthy and happy. Go Ask Tara is a website of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program. 

What We Strive To Do

Our mission is to help youth, teens, and young adults gain the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about their sexual health, and to encourage behavioral change to support the prevention and reduction of adolescent pregnancies (in ages 15-19), unplanned pregnancies (ages 20-24), and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) throughout Pueblo County. 

The program uses a message of abstinence and contraception to encourage teens and young adults to make responsible, healthy choices. This mission is reached using various strategies, including peer education in schools, evidence-based comprehensive sexual health curriculum, and a medically accurate anonymous texting service.

What We Believe

  • Youth are smart, valuable, and responsible.

  • Adolescent/unplanned pregnancy and STI transmission are preventable.

  • Pregnancies too early are a community issue that can be addressed with collaborative partnerships.

  • Parents, families, and schools are an integral part of communication and education for youth and young adults.

  • Adolescents and young adults should abstain from sexual activity until they know both the medical reason for abstinence as well as the most effective and safe methods of contraception.

  • Sexually active adolescents and young adults provided access to medical advice and care along with counseling, advice, and support to assist them in developing a safe and healthy lifestyle.

  • Tolerance and diversity reduce the rate of adolescent pregnancy and STIs in Pueblo County.

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Education & Classes

Improving Classroom Education

We work within Pueblo City Schools and School District 70 to implement comprehensive sexual health education into schools. We help train and support teachers to implement programs in their classrooms and provide lessons upon request. Current programs being implemented include Draw the Line, Respect the Line and Family Life and Sexual Health  (FLASH).

Askable Adult/Askable Parent Classes

A one to two-hour training to help parents and adults working with youth talk to them about sexual health, drugs, alcohol, and other hard life topics. Askable Adult/Parent Classes help adults learn what type of questions kids will ask, and how to answer them to the best of their ability. Classes are free to the community.

Interested in our programming?

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Go Ask Tara

Go Ask Tara is on a mission to provide sex education and help the youth of Colorado prevent pregnancy and STIs.