Discovering who we are, who we are attracted to, and what we want for ourselves is a process - we are humans, and we are in constant change! Being honest with yourself, and having open conversations with your peers and family is key. And remember, respect for others and yourself is a great first step.
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A smiling woman holding a rainbow pride flag

How do I know my sexual orientation?

Not everyone knows their sexual orientation or how to label themselves. If you feel this way, know that it’s common and you’re not alone.
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Coming Out

Not everyone comes out in the same way. And not everyone comes out to everybody in their lives. There’s no one right way to come out.
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How You Can be an Ally

LGBTQ+ people don’t always feel welcomed and accepted due to discrimination and violence. For LGBTQ+ young people, having allies who are supportive of them dramatically helps their mental and physical health. Being an ally means that you are committed to learning and taking action to make sure that LGBTQ+ people feel supported and safe. Read more

Go Ask Tara

Go Ask Tara is on a mission to provide sex education and help the youth of Colorado prevent pregnancy and STIs.